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Loop Fit®

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Who Needs A Gym Anymore?

The Loop Fit® is the most advanced workout-enhancing hula hoop you have ever seen. It's cute, stylish and extremely fun! Get a rockin' bod without having to join a gym. Say hello to your new go-to workout day and night. Here's to better health for all!


Getting Fit Has Never Been More Fun

Love it or hate it, getting fit is on everyone's list of resolutions for 2022 and we want it to be YOUR resolution. Forget the boring workout regimen and get yourself this super fun hula hoop. Who knew moving your hips could be so great! With a shape that's perfect for all body types, you'll be looking forward to your next workout!


Your Go-To Workout!

Arms, abs, thighs, hips and butt - the Loop Fit® hula hoop burns calories like crazy! It's easy to use and can be done anywhere. Loop Fit® is the only portable indoor fitness device that combines weight loss with comfortable workouts. The revolutionary Loop Fit® design provides an easy start for beginners and offers endless workout options for advanced users.


Made For Everyone!

Our Loop Fit® hula hoop is made to be adjusted by hand. That is why the hula hoop assembles and disassembles with two simple clasps. In this way, anyone can easily adjust their hoop to fit to their body and play at their own pace.


Fight Calories And Get Your Dream Figure

Choose your perfect-fitting Loop Fit® hula hoop to achieve your waistline goal. Loop Fit's innovative design enables the hula hoop to vary in diameter from 13 up to 130cm, depending on your waistline size! With Loop Fit®, you will be able to burn calories as fast as 2-3 times of the traditional hula hoop and also massage your waist well. It is a great product for anyone - male or female, young or old. Enjoy it in the gym, fitness center, yoga room, living room, or at home!


Super Easy Weight Ball Set-Up

The Loop Fit® Weight ball, when filled with sand or water, will give you that push you need to start burning those calories you dread so much. You can attach it to your hula hoop and use it as a workout tool! Start losing weight, gain muscle tone and boost your energy levels today. With FREE shipping, Loop Fit® is a must have for anyone looking for a fun and easy way to exercise at home or outside.


Fits Like A Glove

The Loop Fit® smart sport weighted hoop is everything you love about the standard fitness hoop, plus a little extra motivation. The hard ABS plastic handle means there's no risk of injury, but don't let the tough shell fool you: it features 24 knots that can adjust to fit any waistline and keep the equipment from falling during exercise.


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  • Waist Circumference: Up to 130cm
  • Ball Size: 11x7x7cm
  • Material: ABS
  • Package Includes Loop Fit® hula hoop, weighted ball, and screw driver

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